Andrea Evers

My name is Andrea Evers, I am 31 years old, and I had brain surgery in June of 2013. I thank Debbie for helping me with my decision to have surgery, she found me two weeks after I had gotten married. I was not born with Epilepsy; it was a shock when I started having seizures. I am a nurse by profession so seizures were something I had seen before. I did not understand the devastation  they cause until my three year battle with resistant seizures began. They tried everything including multiple types of medication, but nothing seemed to help the mixed complex partial seizures. My physician referred me to the University of Michigan and that's where I met Dr. Mihaylova, the neurologist who put me on the right path. Then out of no where an angel crossed my path, surely sent from the Lord. She came to my house and told me about all of her experiences with the surgery. I saw she was beautiful and not lacking any of her faculties, and she gave me hope. Then I met my neurosurgeon, Dr. Oren Sagher and one left frontal lobectomy later and I am here telling you my story. I am happily married, off of enough medication to start a family and the rehab manager at Wellspring Lutheran Services in Monroe. I play the guitar and I can laugh, I am whole. No one knows there is a little something missing in my head.

Personal Testimony's

The mayor of Toledo has officially recognized Epilepsy Awareness month!!