- I loved the book, read it in one night!!!!

- If you suffer from epilepsy or know anyone who does, Debi's story will make you smile and feel a need to spread HOPE helping people with Epilepsy!

-This is an exceptional memoir of someone who has experienced epilepsy first hand. As a person who has walked in the same shoes, I can really relate to this book as I have gone through the same experiences and am now looking forward to my brain surgery later this years, with a lot less trepidation. Thank you Debbie.

 - I had heard so many wonderful things about this "Amazing Debi" I had to check it out for myself. I've enjoyed it so much that I've ordered one for my father as a Christmas gift. I am sure it will put a smile on his face as well. Maybe if we are lucky, she will have one of her book signings in Tennessee. Debi, thank you for sharing so much of yourself......

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-This is a wonderful book for families and friends as well as professionals like teachers and pediatricians. It could also help eliminate prejudice towards those with epilepsy and help everyone better understand the embarrassment and frustration felt by patients with epilepsy. I think this book should be a part of teaching curriculum so children will be made aware that patients are unable to stop or control seizures and should not be made to feel embarrassment or shame.

-This book is very inspiring to all of the people who are fighting epilepsy every day. It is a very difficult world we live in, and it shows how we manage to stand strong and get through the rough hurdles. Great book!

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"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"-Maya Angelou

About Amazing Debi

My Name is Debi Harmon (Ference). I grew up in Monroe Michigan. My life has been anything but boring. I started having seizures when I was eighteen months old, but I refused to let that stop me. I had every type but I always knew when they were going to happen. I was always a good actress. If people made fun of me, I would just hid my emotions. Over the years it became my secret; until about a year ago. I decided to tell my secret. I had brain surgery on Dec 29 1995. I even hid that for so many years. So I decided to share my secret and my story. My life growing up with epilepsy. The ups and downs and my accomplishments since my brain surgery. I have been seizure free for seventeen and a half years.