Rick Harrison of the History Channel's TV show "Pawn Stars" suffered from benign childhood epilepsy and had seizures. Harrison, who is the national spokesman for the Epilepsy Foundation said " Epilepsy is a condition that really doesn't get the press and everything that it needs"

 "People think that epilepsy is divine simply because they don't have any idea what causes epilepsy. But I believe that someday we will understand what causes epilepsy, and at that moment, we will cease to believe that its divine. And so it is with everything in the universe".         - Hippocrates    

Amazing Debi was the nickname given to me by my neurologist; he thinks I am amazing, I think I am a miracle. After eighteen years I have decided to share my secret about my brain surgery. I hope that anyone who is, or has ever been affected by Epilepsy will benefit from this book. I have written my memoir to help as many people as I possibly can.

First  interview with Jerry Anderson

Amazing Debi

My secret before and after brain surgery for Epilepsy

I will be holding an open forum and book signing at the downtown library (325 Michigan St) in Toledo Ohio on May12, 2016. The event will be at 6:30pm.

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Second interview with Jerry Anderson

During the process of writing my memoir I began counseling people if they were thinking about having the surgery, or even if they just wanted to talk.  If you would like to talk to me please E-mail me. I would love to help as much as I can.

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